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One-stop-shop for digital marketing that unlocks new advertising capabilities in the Middle East: pay, launch, and manage campaigns under expert supervision

Get better rates for top ad platforms

Digital ads Control Center

Easy top-up, expert support with shortcuts to platforms, trusted ad accounts, and fast campaign approvals

Get the better rate

Best offers for all ad platforms with additional services

Smooth payment and paperwork

Pay for ads via card or invoice with no hidden charges and get invoices

Full control over funds

Top up your Evido balance once and distribute it across all platforms with flexible spending control

Light-speed support

5-min waiting time for the expert online, learning material and tailored recommendations

Telegram Ads are finally availible in the Middle East

The second in popularity messenger is the first to launch an advanced advertising engine

Targeting by topics, geo, or particular channels
Brand safety tools
Detailed statistics in the Ad Manager
2x higher
conversions in comparison to other platforms
3x lower
CPM in comparison to other platforms
9 out of 10
advertisers decide to continue their campaigns on Telegram after the first launch

Evido leverages new ad capabilities on Telegram in your country, offering a global experience for optimal results at a competitive launch price

Evido super-power

Top up from Evido accounts and pay as for any other ad, without crypto

Global best practices and local support

Telegram Audience

Telegram users are not spoiled with advertisers’ attention, so Telegram Ads really make your message noticeable

People use Telegram mainly for Channels. Average usage time is 3 hours per day
Uses Telegram because it’s more convenient than other messengers
Of worldwide users learn the majority of news from Telegram

What Telegram Ads are for?

Solve single tactic tasks or build the full funnel communication within the single platform

Targeted reach

Ads are displayed in channels related to any topic and population


Reach specific audience segments, including your competitors’ crowd

Leads & retention

Shortcut to purchase or a chat with customers

Evido highlights for Meta and TikTok

From basics to the stars

Prompt and experienced client care team for tactical issues and complex solutions set up

Spend optimization

Best rates and smart budget management tools

Safety first

Trusted accounts and anti-ban frameworks

Advanced services

In-house design and development teams

Evido is an official Meta Business Partner and TikTok Marketing Partner. We help lower risks associated with running high-budget campaigns and achieve necessary KPIs, so that you have your hands free for higher priority things

Less than 2 minutes response

Dedicated certified manager for every client

Direct support from Meta and TikTok

How-tos to enrich your knowledge

Ban safety

With Evido advertising accounts are banned 70% less often
Unblock your accidentally banned account with no efforts
Do not get blocked when significantly increasing budget
Always have SOS-button with all the instructions on what to do in case of account block

Ads monitoring

Eliminate campaign errors
Get recommendations that only you decide to launch or not
Get your account checked for 40+ essential parameters
Receive custom tips based on the check
Easy how-to’s in case you want them to go
Get alerts and notifications in case of emergency
Focus on priority tasks while the solution scans for errors 24/7
Better results with the same budget
No automatic changes in your campaigns


Aggregate reporting
Combine all-you-need data in one place to receive advanced insights on your campaigns
Create flexible dashboards settings for multiple accounts mode
Import spends for all advertising accounts automatically
Track KPIs and get notifications whether they reached or not
Comprehensive reports in any format you like
Insights aligned with your KPIs
Data-driven decisions

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